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Post  cuteleo on Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:23 am

Name : leo

Age : 19 Years Old

Where are you from : iligan city, philippines

What hours are you able to play?
4 to 10 hours a day

What languages do you speak?
English,tagalog, visaya,

Do you have any previous GM experience? Tell us about it.
Yes, I have been a GM for narutoflyff, so I understand and know what I can do to imrpove the server and to make the players enjoy it .

What rating do you give to your Flyff knowledge?
100% rate thats is

Why do you wish to apply for GM?
I would like to apply for GM because I am capable of helping people. I want to be GM cuz i hate the fact that many GMs and Admins in general do not answer their player's questions so i can have opportunity to change that. I believe that having fun is more important and being the best. I believe that to have a great community you start by helping others, and that is what I do very well. I am confident and will speak for the community, the player's wishes are what I think is most valuable to a game's vibe, especially one such as Flyff.


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