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Tyler's GM Application Empty Tyler's GM Application

Post  champ1q on Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:03 pm

Name : Tyler

Age : 16 Years Old

Where are you from : Los Angeles, California

What hours are you able to play?
4-6 hours

And what is the +GMT you are basing yourself?
PST 8-

What languages do you speak?
English, French, Vietnamese

Do you have any previous GM experience? Tell us about it.
Yes, I have been a GM for XFlyff, I understand the concept and know what I can do to imrpove the server.

What rating do you give to your Flyff knowledge?

What can you say about yourself in general?
Whenever someone need answers, I am their man, I love talking to people in the chatroom and help them resolve any problems they have. I'm honest, straight to the point, respectful, straight to the point, and laid back. I also love to chat Razz

Why do you wish to apply for GM?
I would like to apply for GM because I am capable of helping people. I have been doing so for 3 weeks in Kenple's chatroom. I hate the fact that many GMs and Admins in general do not answer their player's questions and I will seize at the opportunity to change that. I believe that having fun is more important and being the best. I believe that to have a great community you start by helping others, and that is what I do very well. I am confident and will speak for the community, the player's wishes are what I think is most valuable to a game's vibe, especially one such as Flyff.

We do are not the most popular MMORPG nor do we have the best graphics. However, we do have a kick-ass community who help and respect each other. We have no range of ages, and everyone is like family.

Furthermore, there are very few GMs that are in American time zone, whenever there are players in need, there are no GMs to be found. That is another reason why I would love to be part of Kenple's staff. There are only so many things I can do in the chatroom, and helping players stuck in SM isn't one of them.


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