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Post  kenpleadmin on Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:48 am




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Post  asa1321 on Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:56 am

i would like to apply for gm..
i am online almost 9 hours a day..
i hope u consider this application..
my name is Jose Roy M. Carbonell..
i live in Camp Hamac Sicayab Dipolog City, Mindanao, Philippines,
i am 19 years of age.. i played flyff for about 5 years now.. and im very
well updated about the game.. please try my capabalities..


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UchihaPein's GM Application

Post  ยςђเђค קєเภ on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:01 am

Personal Info:
Name: Marvin
IGN: UchihaPein
AGE: 21
Location: Tagum City, Davao Del Norte, Philippines

Flyff Experience:

I've been playing Flyff for about 2 years now and i really like its game play. I also
played from the other servers but i want to find a PH pserver, and i found this server,
Kenple. However i really want to experience something more different like becoming a
GM someday (hopefully).

Reasons For Application:

I've been playing this every day and i saw that sometimes every morning, there's
no GM that's online whom players can ask some questions or to hold an event for the
players to wake and boost their mornings. And in addition, i heard that Kenple server
is in need of an Event GM so i would really like to have a try and give my best on
that said position.

What Can I Do:

If I where to become a GM i would like to be an EVENT GM, in that case I can host
an event in times that players would likely want to have it. I can also give some info's
to some newbies around and maybe answers some of their questions about the server.
I know being a GM has a huge responsibility and I'm open for that. If Kenple would
accept me to their Staff Family then I'll will do my best to help this server become the
best among the better.

"Keep UP The Good Work Kenple Staff's, Hopefully I Could Be Part Of Your Family"

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ยςђเђค קєเภ

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Post  SecondHo on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:10 am




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I Wang To Be a GM :D

Post  Yondaime on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:13 am

EHEM ! , PLEASE Make Me a GM ! .

That`s All Thank You ! .


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Post  xCloud on Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:17 am

Personal Info:
Name: Darwin
IGN: xCloud/Lumineux
AGE: 21
Location: Silang, Cavite

Flyff Experience:

Been Playing flyff since it is v11.. I don't Forget the first time I played.
It's like I'm cursed on the first day of playing flyff cause I'm a kid.. After that I have a playing experience like 2 years. Then I stopped after 3 months.. I made my first Flyff Server it is not a successful one because I'm like 14 years old before. Hahaha Funny because the name of that flyff is turtle flyff.. (KID NAME). after a year I been GMing servers.. 6 servers from dec09 to jun10 then a stopped playing cause of study

Reasons For Application:

I know I am fitted to this job cause of my GM experiences.. I know the rules. The right and the wrong. I know the time of being active.. The only thing I don't like is the people begging.. I am a nice person and very patient BUT you cannot fool me with stupid things.

What Can I Do:

I can be a GM for now. Cause I have a little time to have developing skills. But if sembreaks come.. I have a lot of time.. and I can help the server more.


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GM application

Post  Brother on Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:58 am

-Your name; Max S

-In-game Name; Dust

-Age; 17

-Location/Timezone; US, Rhode Island EST -5:00

-Languages; English, Spanish, Italian Fluently.

-Online Time; I'm on for around 12+ hours, haven't started college yet.

-Contact Info;

-Reason we should hire you; I believe i can make Kenple flyff a safe and good place for players to play and have fun in. I'm fun, helpful, and overall a good person to be around. I'd uphold my duties as GM by keeping peace, avoiding/solving conflict and problems. I will make sure i get my work done and just getting to know the community better. I know how to do the job right, and i have more than enough time i will dedicate to being a GM.

-Additional Information;

- About myself; I'm a very social person, I take every opportunity given to me. I'm a very hard worker and when i'm doing something i give it my all. I'm very persistent and i never give up on anything. Sometimes i like to play around but i never cross the line. I follow all the rules and regulations. I advice others to enforce them also. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to grammar. I'm a senior in High School, going to go to college for my Computer Science Associates Degree, then maybe get my Bachelors. I love sports, My favorites are Lacrosse, Baseball and Basketball. I always try to be a Leader or a Role Model to people. i have plenty of patience towards anyone compared to people. I'm a very fun person to be with, yet at the same time, Mature & Responsible.

-Previous Experience; Ive worked for a few servers that actually never became known, They never released or were hacked down. I've also been GMs and Owned my own servers on Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, Flyff, Runescape, and others which sadly i don't remember. My Ragnarok Online server is currently out so if you want to check it out and verify i'll be glad to. I've also been a moderator on forums plenty of times. To sum it all up, i know i have the experience to be a good GM.

I'm sorry for the size of my application. I know i added things that weren't supposed to be there but i felt like i should add everything so that anyone reading this application can learn about me. It is also to show that i can dedicate myself and i can produce good work. Thank you for reading my application and have a great day.


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Vampis Application

Post  kairi on Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:23 pm

Personal Informations:
Name: Michael
IGN: Vampi (old chars are Kairi and Clyde)
Age: 16 years
Comming From: Germany (Bavarian)

Why should you take me?:
I am playing flyff since 3 years. 2 years on the official server and 1 year on as privat. I know many things about the game and can help new players with their questions and problems. I am very friendly and i like to help other players. If i get GM i would make many events and would give my best to help all players that need help.

Reason for application:
I am playing this server since long time and many times i am online, no gm is online to help the players. And i think, if there would be more GMs online, more people would join this server.

"I Want To Help The Server To Get The Best Server Of The World!"


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mNmL's Application

Post  mNmL on Wed Sep 15, 2010 3:46 am

Hey Kenple Team,

with this Application i want to join your Team! Very Happy
First some informations about me.

My Name is Andy, i'm 19 Years Old and i'm from Germany, near Berlin.
I'm doing a Training to a Office Administrator.
My Hobby's are playing Soccer, Flyff, Counter Strike: Source and Warcraft 3/DotA.
I'm a friendly, funny, confident, helpful person, who is also trying to assert itself.

I "Worked" for many Server's as a GM, most of them was German Servers, some was English.
Im playing Flyff since 3 Years, so i know much about this game, i can handle hard situations and if not im asking team-member. My English is not the best at all, but i will improve it.

My Standart Time Zone is GMT+1 so it's 11:38 AM Here, i think it's good for Non-American Players if a GM is available in the're Online Time. =)
Actually i do Support for OneBip Donation's and i'm a Chatmod, my Ingame Chat is known under the Name "mNmL", i'm most time in SM.

So why your Server?
I played on MUCH Servers, i think i know to 75% which Server has a Future or Not, and this Server has a Future, a good, with a good Team.
National Servers are Hard to Handle, because ur all Time needed (Timezone differences), so a GM from Europe/Asia continent whould relieve you very much.

So that was my Application, good luck to all other! =D

Greetz from mNmL~


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i want to become a gm.. thnxx

Post  jerrick on Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:00 am

I want to applied for all possible position or what Ever^_~..

Name: jerrick

Age: 21

Location: Makati City.. Philippines.

Why I Would Like To Be a part of this game:

I would like to be a forum moderator/what ever^_^ in order to just talk with the people and help them out as best as I could. I would help people when it comes to downloading, installing, and any other problems that they might have. In addition to helping others on here, I would be able to keep everyone in the forum updated when the server is down (Even if I don't know why the server is down, I would still stay on and pay attention for any updates in order to help inform everyone of what is going on). Furthermore, I would make sure that posts do not go off topic, I would close threads if need be, create new threads if need be, and work on anything else that needs to be taken care of. Overall, I would do my very best to just keep the forum clean in general.

Reasons For Application:

I've been playing this every day and i saw that sometimes every morning, there's
no GM that's online whom players can ask some questions or to hold an event for the
players to wake and boost their mornings.


I'm sorry but I do not have any other experience as a forum moderator. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere right? Also, though a lot of people may say this, I truly am a very fast learner and would get the hang of being a forum moderator very fast. Lastly, I would just like to say that I have been playing English Flyff since about version seven so I do have past experience with the game.


Thank you all for your time and consideration. Also, I would like to wish good luck to everybody else who is applying for this position. ^_^


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Dude kenple

Post  firefwing24 on Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:12 pm

I pmed you an application
you never responded

Hi my name is Daniel Ahn

My IGN is NinjaKitty and i have many other characters but this is the character I'd like to be called as.

As a GM...
I can make events when none of the other GMs are on
I can help you distribute the donation items if possible(you'll have to teach me how to do the awakes though)
I can help you with any english difficulty or misunderstanding.
I can also understand Korean and Spanish

As a CM...
I can help keep order in the chat because there's usually a lot of spammers when CMs are not on. I am on the chat every day in the afternoon until nighttime.

As to the server.
I just learned how to set up a server so yea... I can learn new things quickly, so i might go and learn how to make monsters or items. but that'll have to wait. I also know a bit of html but that wont really help you, the server, or the website

Little bit about me...
Name: Daniel Sangbum Ahn
Age: 14
How often am I in-game?: Since currently I'm at school and it's been busy lately, I will usually not go on but sometimes i will. During weekends or breaks im on at least 2 hours a day. maybe more.
Nationality: Korean
Spoken Languages: English, Korean, and Spanish.
Where do i live? I live in California, San Jose

Need to know anything else?
Email me at


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Post  trival_gear341 on Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:51 pm

Personal Info:
Name: Melbourne
IGN: tRytOhItmE
Location: Sicayab,Dipolog City

Flyff Experience:

I've been playing Flyff for about 4 years now and i really like its game play.
and i found this server,kenple
However i really want to experience something more different like becoming a Gm Someday

Reasons For Application:
I've been playing everyday and i also didn'd saw a GM in the moorning so that i will aply thiese Gm aplication so that all the members of thiese server will be happy and i can do a event everyday like what they doin on the other GM.
What Can I Do:

I will be a good GM of thiese server. and will so active on thiese game ..i almost playing games atleast 5 hours a day or more than.. i will make a event everyday..
pirat pirat pirat pirat pirat pirat


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