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Post  x3mforgames on Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:31 am

*I have now officially applied for all possible position (Besides Developer) forum mod is probably the most suiting for me because I basically act as one anyways, so here goes.

Name: Kevin


Age: 18

Location: Dipolog City,Philippines

Languages Spoken: English/Tagalog

Time-Zone: GMT+8

Why I Would Like To Be a Forum Moderator:
I would like to be a forum moderator in order to just talk with the people and help them out as best as I could. I would help people when it comes to downloading, installing, and any other problems that they might have. In addition to helping others on here, I would be able to keep everyone in the forum updated when the server is down (Even if I don't know why the server is down, I would still stay on and pay attention for any updates in order to help inform everyone of what is going on). Furthermore, I would make sure that posts do not go off topic, I would close threads if need be, create new threads if need be, and work on anything else that needs to be taken care of. Overall, I would do my very best to just keep the forum clean in general.

I'm sorry but I do not have any other experience as a forum moderator. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere right? Also, though a lot of people may say this, I truly am a very fast learner and would get the hang of being a forum moderator very fast. Lastly, I would just like to say that I have been playing English Flyff since about version seven so I do have past experience with the game.

What Makes Me Unique/About Myself:
I am very patient and would never lose my cool even with all of the people coming on to complain whether it be about server down time or not. Also, the only language that I know is English and I am able to, of course, both speak and type in this language perfectly. Also, if given this position, I would continue to spend more time in the forums and chat-box rather then in the actual game. Lastly, I am a very organized person and I would make sure to organize the forum and keep everything as professional as possible. I believe that being professional is definitely a key quality for a forum moderator to have because that along with organization really helps to attract people to the game. For example, I think that people would rather play on a professional server rather then one that looks as if it had been thrown together and is never updated.

Thank you all for your time and consideration. Also, I would like to wish good luck to everybody else who is applying for this position.

Best Regards,


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