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Market Rules.

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 Market Rules. Empty Market Rules.

Post  Molina on Thu Jul 29, 2010 10:04 pm

-Do not trade your items for real life money - if this is seen you will be immediately banned.
-Topics may be bumped only once per 12 hours.
-You may not allow friends to bump your topic for you, I know this has happened in the past but let's not get back into old habits please.
-Please limit your threads to only the English language, as it may get confusing for people who don't understand you - we have language sections for this kind of thing.
-Do not flame people in their threads due to them being "Overpriced". You see that little x in the top right hand corner? Click it.
-Finally, do not shout anything pertaining to selling on Evolution and Breezer - this includes setting up Player Shops. If you want to sell your stuff, then please do so in Ember as it will save you from attaining a hefty ban.

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