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Brother`s GM application Empty Brother`s GM application

Post  Brother on Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:19 pm

-Your name; Max S

-In-game Name; Dust

-Age; 17

-Location/Timezone; US, Rhode Island EST -5:00

-Languages; English, Spanish, Italian Fluently.

-Online Time; I'm on for around 12+ hours, haven't started college yet.

-Contact Info;

-Reason we should hire you; I believe i can make Kenple flyff a safe and good place for players to play and have fun in. I'm fun, helpful, and overall a good person to be around. I'd uphold my duties as GM by keeping peace, avoiding/solving conflict and problems. I will make sure i get my work done and just getting to know the community better. I know how to do the job right, and i have more than enough time i will dedicate to being a GM.

-Additional Information;

- About myself; I'm a very social person, I take every opportunity given to me. I'm a very hard worker and when i'm doing something i give it my all. I'm very persistent and i never give up on anything. Sometimes i like to play around but i never cross the line. I follow all the rules and regulations. I advice others to enforce them also. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to grammar. I'm a senior in High School, going to go to college for my Computer Science Associates Degree, then maybe get my Bachelors. I love sports, My favorites are Lacrosse, Baseball and Basketball. I always try to be a Leader or a Role Model to people. i have plenty of patience towards anyone compared to people. I'm a very fun person to be with, yet at the same time, Mature & Responsible.

-Previous Experience; Ive worked for a few servers that actually never became known, They never released or were hacked down. I've also been GMs and Owned my own servers on Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, Flyff, Runescape, and others which sadly i don't remember. My Ragnarok Online server is currently out so if you want to check it out and verify i'll be glad to. I've also been a moderator on forums plenty of times. To sum it all up, i know i have the experience to be a good GM.

I'm sorry for the size of my application. I know i added things that weren't supposed to be there but i felt like i should add everything so that anyone reading this application can learn about me. It is also to show that i can dedicate myself and i can produce good work. Thank you for reading my application and have a great day.


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