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Post  Blake2 on Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:33 am

Name:Jhoon Tsumichi Park
Other names:Blake(American Name)
Nationality:Jap,Chinese,Korean,French (Yes i am bunched up like chocolate !)
Language:English, Some korean, Some Jap, Some French, Some Chiense.
Time Zone:GMT-6
Location:United States, Iowa
Hobbies:Breakdance, Games (KenpleFlyff), Hang out with friends, Msn, Sports, and Play Piano.
Years of Playing FlyFF: I have played Since V6
Online Time Range:Atleast 4 to 8 hours
What Can You Contribute to the Server?:I can kill the bordeom, well not completely, but most of them. Making events and being active is a contribution, I mean people do the same thing just go killing a monster and lvl up, it gets old, but with GM adding events will limit the bordom on the kenple server.
Reasons To Apply for Gm:Well, most private servers i have played, the Gms are from the Philipines, So in my opinion its good to have Gm's around the world as well, beacuse in that case there can be less problems on the server and more fun. I am from America, So its like the Philipines GM takes a rest, then i take the shift, then i take a rest then they take the shift. I find thisway helpful for the server so that GM's are on at all times Smile. Well as helpful as anyone can be I'm that someone as well. I do see alot hacks going on with CE(Cheat Engine) and other programs, but i want to limit that for other players so they can have a fun and equal time of playing, in other words limting hackers and abusers. Which i have done in the past ;D! which felt great helping the server Smile
GameMaster Knowledge/Experences: Well in Gm commands, I know most of them for V15, still just a little left to go but in obeying rules, Is strictly followed through as common sense . I have been a Gm acouple times on different servers.
What do you do when you are bored as a regular player:From the past in Kenple FlyFF, I just randomly gave out free items and penya to new starters beacuse i know how they feel when they have no penya to start with, its a pain in the butt. Lol, as weird as that sounds, but yep thats just me.
Other Information: I am a very easy person to get along with, happy to meet new people from all around the world. Love Kenple FlyFF Very Happy!

Thank you for your time! ~Jhoon/Blake~


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