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Post  Molina on Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:09 pm

Q: Help! I've been banned! When does my ban end?

A: Your ban time varies depending on your offense. For now Spamming or Vending (in Evolution and Breezer) are punished with a permanent ban.

Q: Help! I've been muted! When does my mute end?

A: The time specified by the GM. For now Spamming or Shouting with trading purposes (Sell, Buy, Trade) are punished with a ban or a permanent muting.

Q: How do I vote?

A: You can vote many times every 12 hours from the voting page at

Q: Help I can't vote!

A: If you play at an internet cafe, or with other people from the same computer, you cannot vote if somebody already voted from that ip.

Q: I got an in game mail message from the "staff" saying I won a prize and to collect it from <site>.

A: We do not use in game mail to hand out rewards.

Q: Help! A phishing site stole my password!

A: Sorry, we do not assist in phishing cases.

Q: Help! A keylogger stole my password!

A: We recommend that you get a form of antivirus and antispyware. Here are some free tools.


We do not assist compromised accounts.

Q: <Y Person> sent me a message needing my login details. He stole my account!

A: We will never ask you for your login details.

Q: Who are the staff?

A: Here is a list:

* Administrator (Admin)
o Kenple
* Game Developer
o Trives
* Web. Developer
o Molina
* Head Gamemaster
o Molina

Q: The server is down! I can't connect!

A: First make sure your internet connection is functioning properly. Then post in the server status thread at .

Q: I lost my items in a rollback!

A: We do not restore lost items.

Q: I want <Y Person> banned for <X Reason>.

A: Post the necessary evidence in a thread in the character report section.

Q: What servers allow vending?

A: Only one: Market. If you are caught vending on any other server you will be banned.

Q: What happens if I spam?

A: If you are caught spamming you will be banned.

Q: What constitutes as spamming?

A: Over 5 messages a minute of a same or similar message.

Q: I want to donate. Where can I do that?

A: You can donate from the voting page at , 1$= 10dpoints or 50Php = 10dpoints.

Q: Why do you need donations?

A: We need donations to support the server costs and help us grow as a server.

Q: Can you add <X> item to the item mall?

A: We will review requests but there is no guarantee that your item suggestion will be added.

Q: What languages do you guys allow in the non-language specific forums?

A: Even if our server is a worldwide community we only accept English in non-language specific forums. So please respect others by using it!

Q: How can I become a Game Master?

A: You may apply, but if we are not looking for Game Masters we will notify you it and save your info for further times, we may need Game Masters later!

Q: Can you guys take <so and so> payment method?

A: No, normally we only take Paypal. But there may be exceptions. If so e-mail

Q: My Sprotect didn't work/I didn't use a Sprotect! Can you give me my item back?

A: No, Sprotect works fine, and if you didn't use one then it is your fault and we won't do anything about that.

Q: Will I be warned before I am banned?

A: Forums yes, in game no. Also depends on the choice of the Game Master.

Q: I'm totally new to FlyFF. What should I know?

A: There will be several classes for you to choose from. You'll start off as the basic newbie class, the Vagrant, and from there you'll change into another once you have an od concept of how the game is played. You will start off with four classes to choose from, and later in the game you'll be able to choose two others depending on your preference.

Q: What is PK?

A: Player Killing, or PK is what happens when you take another players life. It can be done anywhere in Madrigal on a PK server, with the exception of towns which serve as safe zones. PK is available after level 20.

Q: How do I get Item Mall items without a credit card?

A: There are multiple methods:

1) MLhullier
2) ML Kwarta Padala
3) Banco De Oro (BDO)
4) PayPal
5) Regular Load

Details where the donation should be sent:
(Ang papadalhan mo)

First Name: Kenneth
Last Name: Arnaiz
Middle Name: Mongaya

Address: 596D Tres De Abril Labangon Cebu City

Contact #: 09325423522

Details where donation should be sent using PayPal cash method:
PayPal Email:

How to get the Donation Points:

Text GM Kenple: 09325423522
Buzz GM Kenple:
Email GM Kenple:

Q: I have received <X> error code from the client.

A: There are several common error codes.

Code: Denied
This happens if you run FlyForKenple without having the authorization.
Solution: Log in on a Windows-Administrator account to make sure that
you sufficient authorization to run the game. Or right click on FFK icon and select "Run as Administrator".

Code: 0 Result: 4
This happens if there are too many people trying to connect to our
patchserver at the same time.
Solution: Just try again to log in after a few minutes. Also check your Firewall.

Code: 12002 Result: 2
Timout when trying to connect to the server.
Solution: Try to log in again after a few minutes.

Code: 1392 Result: 6
The files seem to be corrupted.
Solution: reinstall the game.

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