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Post  ♥Darkai on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:26 pm

Some minor things that can be easily done.


~Add more sections. There aren't many sections... only 10.

Here are some suggested sections you could add.

-Donations / Donate - Post all donation threads here. Make sure to post proof of the transaction or you won't get your points. Trust me, once you get a lot of people donating, anyone can scam you for DPoints.

-Guides - Post any guides that can be found useful. Such as how to download and connect to the server, class builds, how to fix errors, etc.

-Media - there are people out there that would like to post their screenshots, or videos of the server, or anything else.

-Graphics - People like to work with photoshop. You can request sigs, avatars, or anything that has to do with GFX. Who knows, maybe someone could make a new theme for the server you can install...?

-Chatbox Mod Application - I dont know how you guys might feel about this one, I see a lot of Chatbox mods, but if you ever decide to cut them down, and keep a few, then people who might feel like they are ready for this can apply for it here.

-Developer Application - What if someone who is an amazing developer can help out Trives with things he might have trouble with. You dont have to give him access to the files, but he/she can still apply and try to help out. MUST SHOW PROOF OF EXPERIENCE. Just to keep things safe.

-GM Application - Sooner or later you will have a huge server on your hands. And so far (I think) you have 3 GMs/Admins.

3 Staff for 30+ people, soon to be 50+, 100+, maybe even 1000+! If you only have 3 people on your staff, things will get out of control. I suggest looking for people who can dedicate their time to the server. Someone who can truly help, and be active.

There are many more. The forums can always more organized.


Just some fixes and possible ideas Very Happy

-Scroll of Velocity from the "Kenple Store" / Is appears to be sold for 4 penya. But it is actually worth like 50m+. Fix that price so people who buy those wont buy 99 of them, thinking they are 4 Penya each, and wind up spending all of their money (Like me :\)

-Scroll of Amplification ES or whatever its called - Gives 50% more experience for like 50 minutes or something. This could be added to the NPC shop.

-Add cactus hair to the Fashion NPC. Those other wigs are ugly :\

-Reduce the prices of green sets and weps from the NPC's? - This is a major problem economic wise. People are spending like 500m for a set, not to mention that lvl 45+ green set peices are 10m each. The economy should be stable. I see people selling things for like 5b, when they should be about 1 or 2b. It can get out of hand very fast. When you get more and more players, there will most likely be people who will spend a LOT of time getting as much money as possible. This will then allow them to buy godly items, go out and get more money, and keep spending and spending. For a server with 2000x penya, the economy is really outrageous, I'm not just saying that because of my stupidity with the Velocity Scrolls.

well ill be suggesting more and more things eventually. The more time I spend with KFLYFF the more ideas I will have.

So what do you guys think?

Comment below with what ideas you like, and which ones you don't. DONT FORGET TO SAY WHY! Im not going to take it personally and cry in a corner and suck on my thumb if you don't like anything here Razz


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